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When choosing a REALTOR® to help you buy or sell your home, it's important to know what past clients have said about their service!

Below you'll find a few of the many comments Jeff has received over the years regarding his service. A common theme about Jeff is his tremendous knowledge of the Calgary real estate market, his ability to listen and adapt to his clients needs, and someone with an unsurpassed work ethic who you can trust and has your very best interests at heart. Take some time and read the comments below to learn more about Jeff. 

"My experience working with Jeff was nothing short of phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to work with him as both my selling and buying agent and he went above and beyond during the course of both transactions. From the moment we first spoke and he assessed my property, his engagement, enthusiasm and ongoing follow up NEVER wavered. He was available all hours of day and always made me feel like I was a priority; I suspect all of his other clients felt the same way because he somehow manages to juggle all of them with the same level of attentiveness. Bottomline - my experience working with Jeff was the BEST service experience I have ever had; he found me the perfect home. But more importantly, I gained a lifelong friend."

- Brad Kossowan

"When I decided I was going to sell my home, I interviewed several realtors. I picked Jeff because of his work ethic and knowledge of the real estate market. He didn’t sugar coat anything some of the other agents were prone to do. He was relentless in marketing my property and keeping me informed and up-to-date. Even while away on vacation Jeff was in regular contact arranging showings and providing feedback. I have regretted working with other agents in the past and Jeff showed there is a real professional out there who can get the job done. Hiring Jeff was a great decision!"

- Gord Dugan

"We met Jeff purely by accident after looking at various properties for a few weeks and quickly struck a dialogue that led us to believe he was a cut above his peers. What became evident very quickly was that Jeff was not a “yes man” and gave thoughtful advice personally tailored to our specific requirements, actually advising against us buying in an area where we thought we would get a bargain since in the long run we would be much happier in a neighbourhood on the other side of the city much closer to family.

Jeff's intuition and experience panned out in ways we didn't think possible as he was able to help us select an ideal home in an area we hadn't initially considered that was orders of magnitude better for us in terms of location, amenities, and convenience for our commutes. His knowledge of the real estate market in every neighbourhood in Calgary and attention to market trends is staggering and helped guide us to the right property for the right price.

I cannot stress enough what a credit Jeff is to his profession and how much we both trust him and recommend him to everyone we know as often as possible. Jeff did literally everything humanly possible to make it as painless an experience as buying a house could be. When we had finally settled on the home we wanted and were involved in time-sensitive bidding and negotiations with the sellers, Jeff was there for us even at an inconvenient time for him when others wouldn't have answered their phone. We can say with absolute assurance and sincerity that we would not have secured a property in such an amazing area without him and I strongly advise you to put your trust in him as well."

- Earl & Samara

"We met Jeff at an open house in Calgary. Right from the start we could tell there was something different about Jeff compared to other realtors we had met. Not only was his knowledge of the local real estate market very impressive, but his approach, patience, and passion for real estate was exactly what we were looking for.

Jeff was not trying to “sell” us anything. He was genuinely interested in our needs, our timeline, providing us great service, and just helping us. You could just feel it. He had our very best interests at heart.

Jeff’s philosophy was to find us the right property, at a great price, that would be easy to sell someday. We have recommended Jeff to many other friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers and will continue to do so. Jeff is very professional, hardworking, and now we also consider him a good friend."

- Koy Man Chan & Xin Chen

"As our family began to grow, we found the desire to move into a bigger home. Fortunately, we met Jeff at one of the open houses; he instantly gained our trust because of his professionalism and broad knowledge of the real estate market in Calgary. He sold our condo in only a few weeks despite the difficult seller market. Jeff did not only make himself available for any phone calls or text, but always came prepared to every meeting and took his time to point out the disadvantages with certain properties. The best part about working with Jeff was that he was always focused on providing answers to our questions and finding homes that met our needs rather than closing a deal. In fact, the process was effortless with Jeff's honest advice. We were very pleased with the level of service that Jeff provided when purchasing our home. We would highly recommend Jeff for your home sale or purchase. You can trust him to have your best interest at heart."

- Ngan Loi & Marcial Russo

“My wife and I had the fortune to have Jeff Ackerman as our Realtor on the recent purchase of our dream home this fall. Jeff is a genuine, farm raised, hardworking phenomenon. His energy and positivity are infectious, his knowledge and experience in this market is arguably best in class. His wit and sense of humor took the stress out of looking and he always took the time to answer questions, explain reasons why things are the way they are in the market. After about 3 weeks of viewing some not so desirable properties as well as allowing my wife and I time to figure out what we wanted, Jeff ultimately steered us into our dream house. In every step of our purchase, Jeff was watching our back and taking the time for us. He instilled in us that “you aren’t just buying a house; you’re buying a property” I didn’t quite know what he meant until he started showing us houses. We won’t soon forget that. Like our new home, Jeff is a diamond in the rough and anyone working with him will get his best effort and likely a laugh or 2 along the way.”

- Ian & Twila Roberts

"Having Jeff as our realtor is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We spent over a year searching for our dreamed house and were very picky about it. Jeff was very patient and considerable for the whole time. He was not pushy for a sale but always kept our best interests in mind. For every single showing, he always showed up fully prepared for all the details, pros, and cons, and gave his honest opinions. He is very knowledgeable about local communities and open to share up-to-date market stat. Jeff is also the most hardworking people we have ever met. You could tell he is passioned about his job. There were sometimes we contacted him at not the best hours, but he always replied in no time. He is definitely the most trustworthy resource we would go to if we want any insights in real estate. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who's looking for a realtor. You won't regret to choose Jeff."

- Aisha & Joey Lin

"There is no harder working Realtor in Calgary than Jeff Ackerman!!

Our experience with Jeff was absolutely wonderful! We came to Calgary in 2015, but found the home prices inflated. We looked again in 2016, but never found the right property. You could say we were picky.

In 2018, we started to look for a home and bumped into Jeff at an open house. Right away, Jeff helped us to understand our needs and narrow down our search criteria. Our credit was low due to layoffs, so most homes in our price range were a disappointment, my wife was ready to give up. With a new bank and better credit, Jeff adjusted the price range and we began the search again.

With market changes, we adjusted our needs a third time and Jeff made it a personal mission to tick off all items on our wish list. He met us with the house spec sheets, a tape measure, market reports of sold comparables; everything we needed to make an informed decision. He has a lot of knowledge and was willing to give advice even if we didn't want to hear it.

We found a beautiful home just over our price ceiling and asked Jeff to negotiate the sale for us. His understanding of market conditions and negotiation skills enabled us to obtain a better home than we ever dreamed of!!

Two months of hard work and Jeff showing us nearly 100 homes, we bought. Jeff walked us through the whole process and answered our questions day and night. He recommended good bankers, lawyers and inspectors.

Other agents do 'their job', but Jeff actually cared. We consider him a good friend and can't recommend him enough! "

- Darcy & Liz Soles

“We had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Ackerman when we had just started looking for a new home purchase. We didn’t have a realtor and, quite honestly, were afraid of having someone who wouldn’t have our best interest in mind and more on the route of making a sale. We're easy-going people who give a lot of trust to those we choose to work with. So, it was very important to feel comfortable with our agents. He gained our trust by just being himself without overpromising anything but delivering what we were looking for.

The first open house that we went to look at, it happened to be a house that Jeff was covering for a colleague. The first impression we received from him was so positive, we felt instantly that by chance we found our ideal realtor.

The factors that were important to us were: honesty, dedication, accuracy, punctuality and a good listener to our interests in a home we were looking for. Above all, a level of professionalism and great attitude. Jeff showed us a very positive view of a realtor, one that is a true example of how a realtor should be. He does a great deal of research for every property, he took the time to narrow our search (and save us time) by directing us to homes that would suit our needs, and before giving a definite answer of questions we had, he would research it impressively well. Once you do a house-viewing with him, you feel like you have someone with deep knowledge on just about every aspect of the home. He does the viewing always as if he’d like to buy the house for himself. You walk away with a higher level of confidence on whether this home would be right for you or not. He’s always upbeat, patient and willing to take as much time as we needed to have our questions answered.

We highly recommend Jeff as a realtor for anyone who wishes to buy or sell. He will make the experience both pleasant and memorable.”

- Doug & Shahrzad

"We were initially very skeptical to work with a realtor but Jeff did not require us to sign paperwork. Jeff instead relied on his knowledge, experience and work ethic to determine whether he would ultimately earn our business. Jeff took us to 100+ houses with no commitment from us at all. It was evident very quickly that Jeff’s knowledge regarding the real estate market and the components of individual houses was second to none. Jeff would show us houses on short notice, spend large portions of every Saturday and Sunday with us, and he would take our calls at any hour. Without Jeff we would have never found our new home. I would recommend that all home buyers work with Jeff in order to reduce risk and maximize value."

- Jeff Swainson, Sunisa Chaikittiratana

"Our experience with Jeff was absolutely wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable of the market, very professional and went far beyond our expectations of him. He is very well organized, had a great marketing plan, kept us informed of activity on the listing and responded to us promptly. He looked after every detail from listing to closing and was very pleasant to deal with.

We would recommend Jeff in a heartbeat and will be using him for any future real estate transactions."

- Greg & Ann

“We loved our experience with Jeff and we were so lucky to find Jeff as our realtor! We are French and it was our first purchasing experience in Canada. For us, everything was so different. We started to search at the beginning of the year by ourselves to understand the market. We met several realtors who were here more to “open the house” than make a real visit with some advices. In February, while we were visiting an open house we met Jeff Ackerman. We had a very interesting discussion and we felt immediately that he was rather different and very professional. Naturally, we decided to work with him. 

Jeff was very nice, patient with us. We needed to learn everything as newcomers. My husband speaks very well english but my english was a little bit approximative. Jeff took his time to reformulate everything when we needed it. He spent a lot of time to know us and understand what were our priority for our new house. We felt that he searched our house as if it was for himself! All his advices were very helpful.

Jeff is an expert in his domain, he is very efficient, benevolent, honest and so nice. His knowledge is exceptionally strong. He knows the market very well. Jeff was always here for us when we had doubts, stress ...and he was always available (even late Sunday nights), supporting and reassuring. We found our house at the end of June and Jeff stayed close to us to help us through the process. After 6 months of working together, he became more than a realtor ...If you need a realtor for your future house, we warmly recommend Jeff Ackerman! In the future, if we need a realtor, we will work with Jeff without any hesitation!”

- Peggy & Jerome Bonnal

"Jeff was my realtor of choice when I purchased my first home. From the day I met him up to the possession day he was extremely diligent and hardworking. He possesses many qualities you would like in someone fighting in your corner but what shined through when we were house hunting together was his patience, knowledge and promptness. We saw almost 30 homes together and it was because of his honest desire to find the right one that we finally did. He's a family man and I think that makes a world of difference. He truly made the process easier because we all know it's not easy shopping for a home. Thanks Jeff."

- Richard Lewis

"Jeff was quick to understand our needs and steer us in the right direction. His professionalism, real estate knowledge and attention to detail was invaluable from the home selection, offer, inspection and closing processes. His negotiation skills were imperative in helping get a good price for the property. In a complex Calgary real estate environment we found that having him ‘on our side’ was a tremendous advantage to us. We appreciated his help in navigating the myriad of paperwork needed to close the deal within our short time frame.

Thank you for being an impeccable professional, we will surely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their place."

- Shakir & Samaya Khattak

“When we first met Jeff at an open house he impressed us with thorough knowledge of the market and houses. It was a real eye-opener, because we, as relatively new immigrants to Canada, had no knowledge about house buying. Therefore, when we decided to buy a house, we wanted to get help from Jeff in our quest for buying a home.

He showed us dozens of homes whenever we wanted and he explained tirelessly all the cons and pros of each and every house we visited. That is how he is dedicated to his customers. And, the house buying process was smooth again thanks to Jeff who negotiated with the seller to make the terms as favorable as possible for us. We would recommend Jeff to anyone who are going to buy or sell houses. He is the real real estate agent who really cares.”

- Leah Purevdorj & Scott Gombosuren

"Jeff was very patient and understanding with our limited knowledge of the home buying process. As first time buyers, we were able to take our time evaluating our priorities without any pressure to make offers before we were comfortable. Jeff knew the area and knew the advantages and disadvantages of each neighbourhood. His ability to spot things we may not have noticed was great, as he wasn't trying to down play houses, rather he was pointing something we wouldn't want to discover 3 years down the road. He quickly picked up on each of our separate priorities as well as our common wants in a house. We were able to find the perfect house that checked all the boxes and will hold value in the long term in a very efficient, stress free process."

- Colin Russell & Tanille Wilhelm

"I appreciate Jeff! My experience with Jeff Ackerman, is that Jeff is a down to earth, honest, very knowledgeable agent - one who has 'my back'. His astute attention to detail and dedication ensures that nothing is left out of the metaphorical 'real estate equation'. Jeff, I am definitely recommending your services to my family and friends, and I will call on you when it's time for us to sell, and buy again!"

- Lloyd Verberg

"We were looking for a home that would not only fit our budget , but would also be a great place to live in, for my young family. 

Jeff not only helped us in finding just the right fit, but also helped us understand the third and the most important dimension of real estate purchase, ie LOCATION. With his very detailed, factual infobase and analysis of the current market, Jeff helped us invest in a house which has made us very happy and content to spend our hard earned money in.

The house we finally decided on was the sixth property we were looking at and Jeff was equally responsive, patient, detailed everytime and never did we see his support or energy diminish while explaining the pros and cons of the property. Jeff's work ethic is exemplary, and I would highly recommend any friend, family or anyone for that matter to request for his expert help . 

Thank you Jeff for being our friend, philosopher/oracle and guide during this journey of our home purchase!!!"

- Dibya Chatterjee

“My wife and I were in a fairly unique position in that we needed to find a home, complete the paperwork, as well as all of the other items that were necessary in a fairly short period. This may not seem that unique, except this was during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the spring of 2020. We had to do all of this from 800km away in Regina, Saskatchewan, while trying to move out of our recently sold home. Jeff took it all in stride. First, he worked with us to find the region that best fit our needs, find the homes that met our needs and wants, and finally, taking the time to work with us to view these homes in a very tight timeline. Jeff worked hard for us as the buyer to get a fair price for us and the seller. Jeff was very professional and a great help but was so personable that my wife and I felt like we were working with a friend and not someone we contracted to help us out. Whether you are in the market to buy or to sell, we couldn’t recommend Jeff more.”

- David and Grace Drever

"The things that we like the best about Jeff are his energy and his detail orientated approach. At no point did we ever have to ask Jeff for more details in our shopping adventure. He goes the extra mile, and checks ALL of the variables. We felt like he had our backs all the way through the process. If you're looking for a top notch Realtor, who's got your back, then you've found him! Thanks Jeff!"

- Jim & Teresa Hanson

"My wife and I have worked with Jeff on two separate occasions, once for the purchase of our home, and again for the sale of our rental condo. In both instances he has provided a truly exceptional experience; his professionalism, knowledge and expertise is unparalleled.

When purchasing, we found ourselves in a competitive bid, Jeff's insights and guidance was spot on and resulted in us owning a home we love. On the sale side, Jeff's knowledge of current market conditions and property values helped to accurately price our rental property which resulted in multiple offers within the first few days. He then helped to navigate these offers into a sale significantly higher than the asking price.

There is no question in my mind, Jeff is my realtor, and I would recommend my closest friends and family without hesitation. He has gone above and beyond for my family time and time again and I know he'll do the same for yours."

- Stephen Burgoin

"Jeff was awesome. He turned out to be all we expected from a Realtor who works hard to sell your property. The result speaks for itself… 7 showings booked on day one, accepted an offer and sold the house on the first day of showing!! So, here’s a tip for success: do your homework before you list, discuss and align with your agent on expectations for service, marketing strategy, list and sale price. …but most of all select Jeff Ackerman. He’s the real deal!"

- Bob and Ginette

"Loved our experience with Jeff! We’re new to Calgary and Jeff took the time to get to know our preferences and took a very practical approach to help keep us focused on properties and neighborhoods that met our criteria. Great service from the very beginning, through closing, and beyond! It’s clear that his priority is to add value to the process. Would definitely recommend!"

- Paul & Tawnya Schile

"Jeff, your efforts have been highly appreciated and I wanted to Thank You Jeff for all your help and advice while searching and buying my property. Your professionalism, knowledge about the real estate industry, and exceptional service that you provided gave me the upmost confidence while buying a property. I would surely recommend you to all my friends and family who are looking to buy or sell their properties. Thanks again Jeff!"

- Aleksander Kondic

"We had the pleasure of working with Jeff earlier this year. We moved from a duplex to a larger house. Jeff made sure that we felt comfortable and well-informed about our contract before the purchase. He was very responsive, pro-active and hardworking. In person, my daughter and I had positive interactions with him, as he has a pleasant and optimistic personality. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is planning to move, especially for those who are not very familiar with real estate. He will guide you step by step and ensure that you are in good hands!"

- Rheanna Heo, Min-Ju Lee

"Thank You Jeff! We are very excited to start our family in the beautiful house, we really appreciate your help. You provided us tons of useful information and great advice. You provided us confidence and energy saving which is really important for the whole process."

- Jie Wang, Lei Zhao

"Jeff goes above and beyond for his Real Estate Clients! Not only did he sell my house within 3 months in a buyers market, but he also helped me stage it, did extra work to market my house in my area, as well as kept me constantly apprised of what was going on with the transaction. He even assisted me in moving things out of the old house when I needed a truck. Jeff goes over and beyond both in the work he does as a realtor and in the little extras he does for you because he is a great guy. I highly recommend you choose him as a realtor as he does an amazing job as your realtor."

- Deanna Petersson

"In the middle of 2019, our family decided to put our home in the city for sale to start a new life in the countryside. We contacted Jeff to assist us in selling and purchasing a new home. He was very helpful explaining how the market was at the time. He showed us different options for a new home according to our criteria and budget. At the same time, he was very active posting our house for sale in social media, professional network, internet, etc... In the end, thanks to him we were able to sell our house for a fair price and find our new dream home.”

- Christine & Mike Mosso

"I want to thank you Jeff for helping me in preparing my home for sale; he was amazing! Very helpful and enthusiastic!"

- Liliana Bardales

"Jeff Ackerman was always very professional and attentive right from first day until our final day closing our sale. I found Jeff to be very conscientious at all times. He was always available for questions and decision making. He has a very pleasant personality and I can recommend him as an excellent Realtor who will be working very hard and smart for you."

- Kirsteen Aston

“As new residents to Calgary, finding a home with Jeff was truly straightforward and rewarding. Jeff was exceptionally professional and gave us great guidance which helped us make the best choice for our family. Thanks so much, Jeff for helping us find our new home!”

- Olawale & Bridget Ayeni

“Jeff helped us purchase our first house in Canada. He is extremely knowledgable and helpful which instilled confidence in us and our search in an unfamiliar property market. Jeff understood what we wanted in a home and made sure to help us get the most house for our budget.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jeff as an agent to anyone and should we ever have any real estate questions or needs in the future, we know that he is only a phone call away.”

- Susan & John Burchell

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